Covid-19 Personal Project.

From the beginning of time the point of refuge for human beings has always been the home. Be it a cave of our prehistorian ancestors or the floating arc, Noah's home vessel, full of animals and his most immediate family to protect them from the destruction that would make the species disappear.

We have found ourselves in this day and age threatened by death and the destruction of our fellow human beings at the hands of an invisible germ. There is no known cure for it. Countries around the world have had to shut down factories, schools, most forms of transportation and go into hiding as a means to avoid contamination.And yet the germ goes on undefeated so far.

I have decided to make this aspect the central motive of my present photographic project. The fact that we can only find respite and prevention from contamination in our own homes makes it a valid premise for me to engage in a visual documentary based on some  families I know. Some other ones I have met through contacts with friends.

By documenting people I will engage in the central premise of the emergency as well as the possibilities of a bona-fide artistic documentary. The center piece will be the home, the building, the abode, the ultimate cave where we all seek refuge away from potential contamination.

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