Dominik Kazancev is the full name but online mainly go by my handle Domsilkbaby. I have been doing photography for about two years now and have been able to achieve so much within this time. Always keep a camera with me and shoot pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

My work is very sharp and clean I do like to dabble with experimentations but at the moment I am still on a long journey to find my true style so I hope you can join me and see me grow.

Achievements and features

Featured in Canterbury High Street- 2020

Featured in Schön Magazine - 2019

Featured in Almost Beautiful gallery in Bethnal Green - 2019

Featured in Turner Contemporary Portfolio Awards - 2019

Lead photographer for Solas Collection - 2019

Private Punch Gallery in Canterbury - 2019

Lead Photographer for Solas Collection- 2019

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