Leeds Castle Orchestra - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Massive thank you to Kevin at Big Jam studios for hiring me and my girlfriend Samantha Corbishley - @Samantha_shots to be the lead photographers at this event. It was our first time photographing an event so pressure and anxiety was within us. 

The photographs you see here were captured by me using a Sony A7rii with a 24-135mm GMaster Lens. I felt very comfortable using this combination as it allowed me get some tight stage shots at 135mm but as well get the wide shots of the crowd at 24mm. 

Overall I feel like we both did better then we expected as we had no idea what it would be like and it was nice to see over 10 Thousand people in one place after not being to any live events for a very long time. 

Cameron Portland - 1/12/20

After being in talks for a while with the artist Cameron Portland we were able to finally meet up for a portrait session. I wanted to photograph Cameron to be able to keep an archive of him and his work in his early stages. 

Cameron Portland was born and grew up in South London. He bases his work on personal experiences and his own identity as a black male. 

We took several images on the day, some inside of Cameron’s studio as well as Streatham Creative Space where Cameron had his big exhibition. 

As artists, we must archive what we do in our early stages as this will help us in the future to look back on what we have been able to achieve in the early days. Helping us also to reflect on the work we produce so we can get better. 

First week in London 10/10/20

My first week in London  is almost complete. I wanted to share with you some of my pictures I taken in Soho area and China Town. I’ve already made some good friends and had the opportunity to make some new contacts to work with in the near future. 

I imagined I was going to have a very slow start but in my mind I am keeping ambitious and determined to go out every day and just capture life around me as well as looking for every opportunity that comes up. 

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